Terms and Agreements

Please read the rules before placing an order.


1. By placing an order on vpromotions.ru, you automatically accept all the terms of service listed below, whether you have read them or not.
2. Terms vpromotions.ru may be changed at any time without prior notice or reminder. It follows that the user automatically agrees to the changes/updates of the terms.
3. You will use the services of vpromotions.ru in accordance with the terms and agreements posted on the websites: YouTube, Telegram, Tiktok, Discord, Twitch, Spotify and other social networks.
4. Price policy and cost of services can be changed at any time without prior notice and reminder. The payment/refund policy remains in effect in the event of a price change.


The site vpromotions.ru is not responsible for any damage caused to you or your Resource/Account/Business/Group.


The site vpromotions.ru is in no way responsible for the suspension or deletion of Accounts/Posts/Videos/Music/Comments and so on in social networks: YouTube, Telegram, Tiktok, Discord, Twitch, Spotify and others.

Provision of services

1. We do not guarantee delivery times for any services. Automated system and we try to give the best estimate when the order is completed (delivered).
2. We do not guarantee that the services ordered by you will interact (actively take an interest / be active) with your Account / Group / Video / Post and so on.
3. We do not guarantee the quality of Profiles/Accounts, but we try to ensure that the services correspond to reality.
4. We guarantee the provision of only the scope of services that we provide ourselves. We do not guarantee the total number of existing followers/likes/comments/views etc.
5. All services are automatic and you cannot Change/Edit link or name for them.
6. Try not to place multiple orders from the same link until the previous order is completed. This may cause problems with service and subsequent execution (delivery).
7. All services basically work only with public accounts. If the account is private/hidden/unavailable, cancellation/refund issues may occur.
8. If the Name/Link/Account and other data are deleted or invalidated, it may not be possible to cancel orders. We try to cancel orders, but unfortunately this is not always possible.
9. If the starting number is less than the present one (at the current time), there may be problems with the performance (delivery) of the service and the Cancellation / Refund.
10. Orders with prohibited content will be canceled and the account may be suspended.
11. Drip-Feed does not always imply a guarantee, problems may arise if the service is under warranty and the order was made by Drip-Feed.
12. If the starting number is higher than the present one (at the current time), recovery (replenishment) may not be possible.

Refund Policy

1. You agree that after a successful payment, you will not submit disputes or claims to payment aggregators.
2. Refunds for orders are made only to the account vpromotions.ru, with the subsequent possibility of withdrawal.
3. It is forbidden to use vpromotions.ru as an exchange office from one payment system to another.
4. If the service is provided poorly or not in full, with subsequent withdrawal to a card or wallet upon request.
5. If you engage in suspicious or fraudulent activity, your account may be suspended.
6. Refund (Withdrawal) is possible at the request of the user to the site support service.
7. The refund is made to the payment system chosen by the user.
8. Refunds are made within 72 hours from the date of application. We are not responsible for the commission of payment aggregators, but we notify the user of possible commissions when refund funds from the site account.

Privacy Policy

This paragraph describes how we use your personal information. We take your privacy seriously and will take all steps to protect your personal information.

Any personal information received will only be used to complete the order and provide services.
We will not sell or distribute your information to anyone. All information is encrypted and stored on secure servers.