Here you can find answers to the most popular questions.
We recommend that you read this section in order to use our services with confidence.

How to register?
To register on the site go to "Sign up"
Where can I see prices and services?
To see the services and their cost, go to the section "Services and Prices"
How to top up an account?
To top up your account, go to "Top up", choose the payment method that suits you and follow the instructions of the payment system.
How to make an order?
To place an order, go to the "New order" section, select the service you need, fill out small form and click "Run"
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Where can I see the status of an order?
You can see the order status in "Orders" There are six order statuses in total: Pending, Processing, In Progress, Partially Completed, Canceled and Completed.
What is "Smooth Order Delivery"?
Smooth feed is a feature of interval order fulfillment.  How it works: Let's say you want 200 likes per post. Instead of getting 200 likes instantly, you can get 20 likes for the duration of your choice.  This function is not available for all services, if it is, you will see the "Smooth order submission" checkbox and you can use it.
How to use? "Number of starts" is the number of starts for the order. "Interval" is the time after which a new order will start. "Total" is the total amount you will receive.
View all Smooth Feed orders - Go Promote social media more effectively with the smooth feed feature!
What does the status of an order "Partially Completed" mean?
This order status means that a part of the order has been completed, and for the unfulfilled part, the funds are automatically returned to the account balance.
Example: You made an order for 500 views, we completed the order for 300 views, and the remaining number of 200 views was not delivered to you, then we assign the status "Partially completed" to the order and the funds are returned to your account.
What is Warranty and Recovery?
Restoration or warranty is a process of re-rolling (order replenishment).
Let's say you made an order for 100 underscribes, it was completed, but after a while 10 subscribers were written off. If the service provides for a guarantee, then the users who have written off under the guarantee will be screwed up for you.
How to do a warranty repair?
Most VPROMOTIONS services have a guarantee, even a lifetime, but at the same time, due to the struggle of social networks with bot growers, there are unsubscribes / write-offs.
To use the service with a guarantee correctly, make a request for re-rolling when unsubscribing. This is done as follows: Click on the "Restore" button in the "Orders" section, if there is no such button, you should use the creation of a ticket or write to us in Telegram, indicating the order ID and request restoration.
Is it possible to get discounts on services?
Yes, Discounts and Cashback.  See detailed terms of service - Go
Is it possible to make a refund?
Yes, according to the rules, you have the right to demand a refund. When withdrawing funds, the transfer takes up to 72 hours and a payment system commission is charged. We notify the user in advance about possible commissions.